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Currently in Theaters, now playing in the last 2 weeks of March 2014, is a new Christian Movie, God is NOT Dead ! starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, Dean Cain, and David A.R. White.   A college student enrolls in a needed Philosophy class, and the instructor is a defiant Atheist who makes his students sign a statement saying “God is Dead”  When a student  named Josh who is a professed Christian refuses to sign that God is Dead, the Professor begins to make Josh’s life miserable.  Though Josh keeps his faith, and does not deny God or Christ, his girlfriend deserts him for standing up for his faith [good riddance].  There are other students who also make sacrifices by not denying their faith and they also suffer for it. This is a very Relevant movie for today’s social atmosphere, since we as Christians are a minority in a sinful world. This is a MUST-SEE movie, the content is so relevant to today’s life.


Thank Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, Dean Cain, and other Christian actors such as Ben Davies, Samuel Davis, and Kirk Cameron for taking a stand as a Christian, and choosing to work in Christian Films, and helping to make them a good quality piece of work.


THREE Biblical movies playing this week, . . . the SAME Week, never seen this happen before !   


   SON of GOD has also been playing for almost a month, as of 21 Feb 2014 I think.  It is from the Mini-Series “The BIBLE” which was on TV last fall, but will some added additional scenes.


I’ve intended to make this page for a couple of years.  Well, this Next movie I’ve got listed NEW HOPE, just demanded that I make this page right away, even if I don’t yet list any other movies except for it . . . If you want to be uplifted by some good movies, that have a positive message, these WILL do the job.



   Ben Davies is a local young actor from mid-Tenn that is also a strong Christian Advocate who posts lots of encouraging & Positive Scripture/Verses.  Let’s return the good work and support him in his quest to work in Christian-based movies.  He is an inspiration, and we need more Real-Christians like him in Hollywood and everywhere else.  He was a supporting star in the movie COURAGEOUS, and has also starred in several other recent Christian movies including NEW HOPE, SENIOR PRANK, and others soon to be released.  Best of Luck to him and our prayers go out to this excellent young Christian man who is Courageous enough to Testify for Christ !




Other rewarding movies to watch:



New Hope

Samuel Davis,  Ben Davies, Perry Frost, Will Schwah



   Ben Davies is a local young actor from mid-Tenn that is also a strong Christian Advocate.





Abel’s Field

Samuel Davis,  Kevin Sorbo





Senior Prank  . . . [not yet Released]

Ben Davies, Stacey Bradshaw

 . . . Coming SOON




Gametime:  Tackling the Past

Ryan McPartlin, Josh Braaten,

Catherine Hicks, Beau Bridges, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Shane Harper





FireProof          ( Never leave your Partner behind )     

Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea






Alex Kendrick, Ben Davies, Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes, Robert Amaya





Love Comes Softly

Dale Midkiff & Katherine Heigl

Based upon the Frontier story books

Love’s Enduring Promise


by Best-Selling author Janette Oke

Love’s Abiding Joy



Love’s Long Journey



Love’s Unending Legacy









A Walk To Remember



(this one can seem a little rough at times, but it’s necessary to setup the character of one of the main characters as to how he is hanging out with the wrong crowd and headed down the wrong path.  Stick with it, and you won’t be disappointed).  If you give up on this movie before it gets to the main part, you’ll be the one missing out, big time !  Requires at least one box of tissues close by.

Shane West & Mandy Moore,  Peter Coyote, Darryl Hannah

Her prayer was for a miracle, to see a gifted young man leave the troubled path, and find the right way.  Sometimes God blesses us with even more than what we know to ask for ourselves.

Some good music in this one.







Hometown Legend



A very gifted young athlete who is an orphan, journey’s to new town for his last year of high school, so that he can try to better himself by hopefully winning a athletic scholarship.  Sometimes, you find something greater than you were expecting, especially when you give yourself to a greater cause.  A seed of hope, from a caring friend who believes in you can go a long way when the chips are down. 

Nick Cornish, Lacey Chabert, and Terry O’Quinn

A movie made by another group of Christians who believe in the power of good.







Second Chance



A popular 2nd generation assistant minister at a huge community church, is sent to “observe” at a small sister church in the rough side of town.  Sometimes what you perceive as punishment can be enriching and rewarding.

Michael W. Smith














Valley of Light



Returning home after World War II, he finds his entire family gone.   With nothing left he wanders to a valley farther away, and finds a new beginning.

Chris Klien & Gretchen Mohl
Hallmark’s Finest ! !










A Fantasy movie, not based on actual reality or actual scripture, but it makes you think.  What if . . . the Devil ruled the world, in a one world government.  What if . . . it was against the law to worship God ?  This series of movies aren’t based on reality, or certain prophesied scripture, but they do make you think about the freedom of worship we are privileged to have today. 

Corbin Bensen,  Nick Mancuso

We are fortunate to live in a time and place where we can usually worship God in peace, without persecution.  But it has not always been so, and it may not always remain so, not even in this nation.  Even your family members might turn you in to the authorities, to be executed for being a Christian.  Would you be afraid to let anyone know you are a Christian ?  Would you even be brave enough to worship with other professed Christians ? 










Never . . . leave your partner behind



FireProof                    Never leave your Partner behind                      

Starring Kirk Cameron & Erin Bethea


He is a captain of a local Fire Department, and is constantly saving other’s lives, pulling them from the flames of death and from all types of destruction.  He’s looked up to by the firemen who work with him, and is a hero in the local community.  He always puts the life and safety of others before himself in his work.  She is a public relations person who encourages and inspires those around her at work.  Both are great at personal relations at their work, but both are failures when it comes to the most important relationship on earth that God has ordained as sacred and everlasting on earth, unconditional selfless love for your wife or husband.


A VERY Realistic story about a very troubled marriage headed for a quick divorce.  A husband and wife have both focused on other things besides each other, and have actually been totally neglecting each other.  Both have built-up resentment and anger.  Can they forgive each other, find redemption, and grow beyond the wants of their own individual selfish desires ?  Can either learn to put the other before their own selfish wants and give unconditional love without the expectation of an immediate reward.  Can they learn to give of themselves unselfishly to the person on earth that God ordains as the single most important person in your life, whom you are to put above all others, even your children ?


A very moving and realistic look at some of the struggles, pitfalls, problems, and even addictions that can tragically end a marriage forever.  The best performance of Kirk Cameron’s career.  I am not familiar with Erin Bethea (who portrays Kirk’s wife), but she gives an equally stellar performance as a wife broken and wounded thru the very soul by the very man who should have put her first in his life, after God.


For a movie with religious themes, this is an extremely realistic performance by both leads.  Definitely not the unrealistic storyline we often see in would-be religious-themed movies; but a very moving, touch-the-heart and soul story, that will take you thru the entire range of emotions, and leave you uplifted and encouraged.  You’ll finish this movie with a renewed hope that love can triumph, and that forgiveness is not that hard to give when it is asked for, if you truly know the meaning of what love really is. 


God defines love a lot different than we do.   By studying God’s love for us through God’s word, we can learn how to better love one another.  We can learn to never . . . leave our partner behind, but to always be putting them first. 


You will definitely come away at the end of this movie enlightened and better equipped to fulfill those sacred vows that you made before God.  Love & Marriage is a giving process, that must not be selfish if it’s to survive and flourish.  It’s not just a “what’s in it for me contract”, but what should be the most complimentary pairing of two people in a common purpose towards the greatest gift of all.



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